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Football charges FA with bringing game into disrepute

Three lions: all bark, no bite

The entire sport of football has moved against the English FA following the recent conduct of the organisation in regards to a number of high-profile incidents.

The FA deemed it unnecessary to take action against Luis Suarez or Gareth Bale for their comical dives; Robert Huth for trampling on Suarez’s chest; Cheik Tiote for trampling over Tom Clerverley’s shin; Robin Van Persie for trying to assault Yohan Cabaye; and innumerable other indiscretions during the weekend’s Premier League fixtures.

They did however move swiftly to punish Ashley Cole for an abusive tweet, despite them taking most of a year to get round to banning John Terry for being racist.

A spokesperson for English football stated, “Given the video evidence, the decision to charge the FA was a simple one.

“Their inability to do anything with any degree of competence is questionable, their recent efforts comparable to George Osborne’s control of the nation’s economy – and we all know how bad that is.

“Tweet that, you #bunchoftw*ts!”

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