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Beckham media mafia switch attention to 2014 World Cup

One for the future

With the public outrage starting to subside against Stuart Pearce for his decision not to pointlessly include David Beckham in the Team GB Olympic football squad, Beckham’s besotted followers have already begun the campaign to get him selected for the 2014 World Cup.

Despite Beckham being middle-aged by then and not having played a decent standard of football for several decades, his media mafia are unlikely to be shouted down, especially as the same points did not prevent them baying for him to be selected for London 2012.

Roy Hodgson mused, “Assuming we were to qualify for 2014 – which I seriously doubt given the quality of the squad and severe lack of confidence I have in the losers – then I might as well consider selecting David.

“He couldn’t offer any less than Wayne Rooney on the big stage, could he?”

  1. Kakarot
    September 29, 2012 at 13:42

    Beckham may as well be in the squad in 2014, they have nothing to lose if he is anyway.
    They’ll need some experienced players as well as youngsters.
    Rooney, A. Cole, Gerrard and Beckham would be a good selection of players for the world cup, maybe Ferdinand in defence as Terry retired.

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