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Tour of Britain to be most repulsive yet

Organisers of cycling’s Tour of Britain have confidently stated that this year’s race will test riders like never before with a serious of unattractive stages to places no-one would ever want to go.

One particularly cruel stage will see the riders start out from Stoke, expectedly peddling like maniacs in order to escape, only to find themselves back there at the end of the day.

Grim endurance required

“We’re going to test them like never before,” assured one member of the committee, whilst laughing manically.

“After the Alps and the Pyrenees of the Tour de France, we’ll be sending up the foothills of Dartmoor and through the streets of Ipswich.

“Only the toughest will survive.”

It is not yet known if Team Sky’s Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins will participate, as they may both have had enough of Britain following the Olympics.

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