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United put “Fergie Time” on transfer list

Manchester United have announced that their long-serving match winner, Fergie Time, will be available for transfer this summer after failing to come up with the goods this season.

Fergie Time was brought on by the officials at the end of United’s home match with Everton, but even that was not enough for the Reds to grab a vital late winner.

A betrayed Sir Alex Ferguson fumed, “I left Ashley Young on the bench because I was sure that the officials would let us have a few minutes of Fergie time right at the end.

Added surprise

“The referee did so I can’t fault him but those five minutes were very disappointing – they didn’t produce what we expect at Old Trafford.

“I think we’ve seen the best of Fergie Time now and unless we get a lot more in the last few games we’ll have to think about offloading.

“We definitely need to see a big improvement at the Etihad next Monday.”

Fergie Time burnout

Despite Manchester City having the title in their own hands again, manager Roberto Mancini insisted United still have the advantage whilst they have Fergie Time to call upon.

Mancini said, “Of course United are favourites. Fergie Time has the quality to win all the remaining matches for them.

“We will have to be very careful during the whole five minutes of injury time when we play them next week.

“We’ll be looking for a similar signing in the summer. Having Fergie Time in your squad can be the difference between winning trophies and being Arsenal.”

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