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Martin Atkinson gives “phantom goal” testimony

Directing Spurs fans to the exits

Referee Martin Atkinson has testified in front of a panel which has been brought together to determine if he is insane for awarding Chelsea a goal in the FA Cup semi-final against Spurs.

Atkinson insisted he was proud of what he had done and that he would even do it again if that is what it takes to insure Spurs do not reach the final.

He claimed: “Spurs are awful anyway and no-one wants them ruining a Cup final, so I thought I’d help Chelsea out and make sure they couldn’t get through.

“I couldn’t see a thing but Juan Mata was celebrating as if it was his birthday so I thought I might as well go along with that.

“At the time John Terry was also adamant it went over so I couldn’t argue with him, could I?

“I was defending English football against a team like Spurs being present in one of our showpiece matches.”

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