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Ref and assistant fluff their lines as United lose

Sir Alex Ferguson was shell-shocked at the end of the Wigan defeat that the Referee and his assistant didn’t deliver them the three points as scripted.

Everything was going to plan as the ref ruled out a perfectly valid Wigan goal as a Wigan forward disturbed goalkeeper De Gea’s hairdo.  It looked rosy for United as Ferguson expected them to be awarded a penalty if they could not score in open play.

However, after the interval things went awry when Wigan scored from a non-corner corner and United were not awarded certain penalty.

Facing the United axe

Otherwise the match was notable for Carrick only hitting one accurate pass during the match and Rooney impersonating a donkey for the 70 minutes he was on. Scholes looked smug as he was “rested” so he can still play when he reached retirement age.

Ferguson raged, “To paraphrase Roberto Mancini – Phil Dowd will never again play for Manchester United.

“All together there were two horrendous errors favouring each team tonight but at this stage of the season a two-all draw isn’t acceptable – we need the referees to be winning as these matches every time.

“We deserved to lose – Dowd just didn’t perform for us.

“I thought we had the momentum with the officials, but it’s a funny old game,” he mused, before adjusting his trousers after a slight squeaky bum moment.

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