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Three frustrated Cheltenham punters gamble on old nag from Glasgow

Three horse racing fans who did not enjoy any luck at the Cheltenham Festival have decided to chance their arm by betting that an exhausted nag from Glasgow might go the distance.

Rangers Football Club could well be in the final furlong and the odds are long on it even reaching the finishing line.

Paul Murray of the Blue Knights confirmed, “Our luck was out during the last few days so we think we’re due something.

“Actually this is a rather desperate gamble but we have that reckless feeling where you believe something’s got to turn up for you.

Limping into the final furlong

“Rangers’ race is run otherwise.”


Latest odds from Kicking Sport

Blue Knights takeover bid successful – 5/2

Rangers survive administration – 10/1

Celtic win SPL – 1/5000000000000000000000000000

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