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Sky Sports to use Mancini quote every five minutes until May

Sky Sports have confirmed that they intend to use Roberto Mancini’s statement that the Premier League will be decided by the Manchester derby at the end of April nonstop until the match is over.

Looking forward to the big match

The Italian did their promotion for them by plugging the “Super Sunday” fixture.

“We might as well all go to sleep till then,” Mancini confirmed.

“I’ve told many of the players to go on holiday – especially Mario as he doesn’t seem to have much to do at the moment and can be quite a liability when he’s bored.

“We have about six games left till then but I’m only really interested in us winning the derby.

“Sometimes I get the feeling I haven’t quite got to grips with this whole Premier League business yet.”

His opposite number Sir Alex Ferguson was determined that his players would not stop scraping jammy wins as the season moved into “squeaky bum time”.

Ferguson insisted, “I’m sure that we’ll hold our nerve till the end of the season.

“Provided that Howard Webb remains fit and available for selection, the title’s as good as ours.

“I’ll be wrapping him up in cotton wool in time for that derby, mind.”

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