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Kenny Dalglish speaks about upcoming lunch date in Salford

February 10, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has spared a few minutes to grumble exclusively for us about attending lunch at the invitation of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Ferguson insisted Dalglish bring with him a squad of players (especially one from somewhere in South America) and a few-thousand tribal supporters.

Dalglish told us he was looking forward “to taking in the atmosphere in and around Manchester” and “to getting a taste of the glorious weather at this time of year coming down from the sky, such as snow, sleet, and the cloudburst of saliva from locals.”

On receiving the invitation from Sir Alex, Dalglish said he felt “touched in a not altogether comfortable way” and was hoping to “nick three points off the ******* before scarpering home down the M62.”

Dalglish: intimate

In return of Ferguson’s thoughtfulness, Dalglish assured us (whilst sniggering) that he would “recommend the old whingebag to be England manager any day.”

He also suggested that Patrice Evra “should look at moving to Uruguay.

“I hear it’s lovely this time of year,” he added.

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