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Blatter chastises Esteban for not shaking hands after surprise brawl with psychotic attacker

December 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has made his voice heard over the incident that led to last night’s Dutch Cup match between Ajax and AZ Alkmaar being abandoned by criticising the two men for not shaking hands before they were both forced from the field.

An Ajax supporter ran onto the pitch and attacked AZ’s goalkeeper Esteban, who knocked him to the ground and kicked him before being sent off.

The dreadful event which saw AZ abandon the match creates yet more questions for football over how a man was allowed to get onto the pitch during play and attack a player, but on speaking today Blatter preferred to focus on what he considered the more important aspect of fair play and keep the game’s image clean so that he can continue on his gravy train.

“Obviously we don’t like to see these things,” Blatter conceded.

Esteban has been declared a bad winner

“But it’s just another problem which is part of the game and that should be resolved with a handshake after the stewards and authorities have finally got round to restraining the crazy chap.”

One moronic armchair supporter authoritatively stated, “I’d ban the goalkeeper for life for retaliating against an unexpected physical assault from some maniac whilst in the middle of a match.

“If it had happened to my team I’d be arguing completely the opposite no doubt, but I’m a cretin anyway who would defend any decision as long as it didn’t upset me.

“So in this case FIFA make the rules, and who can argue with them?”

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