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Blackburn supporters protesting for the right to protest

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In the run-up to Blackburn’s key clash with Bolton tomorrow night, the Ewood Park faithful are planning a protest to keep Steve Kean in charge in order to further embarrass him.

A spokesperson for the Blackburn Rovers Supporters Club told me: “We’ve got so used to moaning about the manager that we decided to keep this going for as long as possible.”

When I asked them what sort of protest should be expected, they said: “We will be handing a ‘Kean In’ banner and a ‘Kean Out’ banner to every supporter. The Bolton fans can even join in too if they want, but unfortunately we have none with Owen Coyle’s name on them.”

Keen has been increasingly under the cosh lately, with a 2-1 home defeat to West Brom bringing more calls for him to go, and also for him to stay.

Kean's possible successor

Despite the poor results, the Venky owners seem satisfied with footballing matters. A boardroom insider said: “You seem to forget the main product in our portfolio? Chicken. And what are Blackburn currently playing like? That’s right – headless chickens. It’s the perfect promotion.

“You remember the amendments we made to Steve’s contract? Well that was to give him a cut of the Venky profits. It’s only right that he should take some of the credit for creating a football team so resembling poultry.”

By Gerry

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