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Man City offer Tevez home care service

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Manchester City have offered striker Carlos Tevez home care for when he returns so that the Argentinian might finally have something to really complain about.

Tevez is understood to be in his own country after breaching yet more contractual rules during the international break, and City are preparing a nice welcome for him from someone who might show the same amount of disrespect to him as he does to everyone else.

Roberto Mancini stated, “Contrary to my remarks the other day, recent events have made me realise Manchester City isn’t like Barcelona at all.

“Carlos has been going on for years about how bad it is here and we’re determined to drive that home as he’s not going to be doing anything useful for us in the near future anyway.

“Reports describing home care leaving patients “stripped of self-worth” are intriguing for us as we fail to see how Carlos could make himself feel like more of a plank but we’re developing a more adventurous style so we’re really interested in giving this approach a go.”

Manchester City Council said they normally “do not deliberately infringe upon people’s human rights” but they would “happily co-operate in this exceptional case”.

  1. November 24, 2011 at 14:38

    Let’s get real. Tevez is a good player but he is a major headcase. He’s been that way since since started out with Boca. I rest my case. Cut your losses and get rid of his ass.

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