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Murray In No Hurry for Success

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Andy Murray today pulled out of the Swiss Indoors, claiming he didn’t want British tennis fans to get used to him winning.

The world number three told waiting cameras in Basel that his withdrawl from the season’s final tournament was “all about managing my fan’s expectations”.

The Scot said, “I won three titles in Asia last month. This is terrible. People are expecting me to go on a similar run to Djokovic next year.”

Murray has had to fight off accusations in recent years that he does not have the mental stamina required to win a Grand Slam title. He said “I don’t want to have to work mentally for success. It should come easily to me. I play tennis with my arms, not my head.”

As Roger Federer then began to address cameras outside the St Jakobshalle venue, Murray was unable to speak for ten minutes while he watched the Swiss maestro take complete command of the press conference.

Murray was seen to mutter angrily to himself “What are you doing? You had the cameras all to yourself. You let him in!”

After Federer’s disappearance, Murray then stormed inside the venue, and locked himself in the toilet to berate himself some more.

By Gerry

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