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United fans assuring each other this weekend can’t be worse than last

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ahead of Manchester United’s trip to Everton this Saturday, the club’s supporters are still relieved knowing that they won’t have to sit through last Sunday’s mauling by “noisy neighbours” City.

Anticipation of a difficult match at Goodison Park has been made somewhat less daunting by having survived the biggest humiliation of their club in about 100 years recently.

Sir Alex Ferguson spoke confidently, “Wayne Rooney can handle the pressure of going back to Everton. If he was going to nut someone and get sent down, he would have done it last week anyway.

“Still, it’s vital he doesn’t do anything silly to tempt the referee to make a decision against us, because we all know what happened when the referee didn’t support us against City, and that can’t be allowed to happen again.

“We haven’t got a result at Everton for a few years, but I’m fairly relaxed because I know that I won’t have to rely on David De Gea saving us every five minutes.

“I think everyone at the club is thinking that even a 4-0 or 5-0 loss wouldn’t feel bad at all following last weekend, so we can say it’s improved the mentality and determination of the players too.

“Getting battered so badly by the rivals we try to put down so often means that nothing scares you anymore, not even the thought of Louis Saha ripping through your expensive backline.”


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