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Inaugral Indian Grand Prix already predictable

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The inaugural Indian Grand Prix has already become dull and predictable as qualifying made clear Sebastian Vettel will dominate it just like every other track.

The German in the Red Bull qualified in pole with a significant margin to his rivals in a session that Mystic Meg would have found insultingly simple to forecast.

“I thought it was an incredible qualifying,” said leading F1 bore Martin Brundle.

“There was all the excitement of the possibility of someone competing with Vettel, and for a tantalising hour we waited in anticipation of that, and at the end nothing happened. Amazing!

“The only man crazy enough to pull it off is Lewis Hamilton but we already knew he couldn’t due to his penalty, which means we have to say it was all the more interesting despite that defying all known logic.

“But this is Formula 1, so as long as Bernie Ecclestone can rely on the millions rolling in we’re obliged to say how exciting everything is – especially when it’s not.

“In the race itself tomorrow we’ll see Vettel outperforming the others in every way imaginable and be left to get excited about Hamilton chopping up a Ferrari or two before eventually crashing out or getting disqualified.

“I can’t wait for it and I’m sure the viewers can’t either.

“Hello? Anyone there?”

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