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“We’re not bothered and you wouldn’t be either,” argue English cricketers

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The English cricket team have responded to criticism of their performances in India by suggesting that others wouldn’t be concerned either if they had to put up with as much cricket as they do.

The batsmen collapsed during the fifth and final one-day international to allow the hosts to win the match by 95 runs and claim a series whitewash 5-0, much to the disinterest of a side who often lose track of who they’re playing week in, week out.

Ian Bell noted, “It feels like yesterday that we were thrashing India in England and everyone was celebrating us being the best team in the world, but now we’re playing them again and the conditions are less favourable – the sun is shining, the Indians are trying and they’re not all injured.

“We’re playing so many tournaments, series and different versions of the game that it can become very confusing. Some of the lads thought we were still in a test series and have been caught out – often literally – by the matches finishing four days early.

“If anyone else was subjected to endless cricket they wouldn’t be able to stand it for long, so we think a lot of the stick we’re getting is unfair.”



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