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French urged to give up ‘mind games’

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The French rugby squad and staff are being widely encouraged to drop their attempts at mind games before the World Cup final.

David Ellis claimed how he had spotted defensive weaknesses in the New Zealand formation that the French could exploit, in front of amused journalists.

Ellis said, “Despite Cory James taking more high balls by himself during the semi-final against Australia than the whole of our team throughout the entire tournament, I can see weaknesses.

“Maybe no-one else does, but believe me, I can.

“That’s what makes me such a special coach.

“No-one else believes that our players could actually exploit these weaknesses anyway, but that’s dependent on them being there in the first place.

Getting hammered 37-17 in the pool was just a fluke. We’ll be trying this time.”

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