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BBC accuses Craig Whyte of owning Rangers

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Scottish businessman Craig Whyte is under pressure after a BBC report alleged that he might be connected in some way to Rangers Football Club.

The investigation went so far as to suggest there could be some “criminality” involved in someone actually pledging support and financial aid to Rangers without the explicit aim of taking it under.

The BBC somehow dug enough dirt to reportedly find evidence that Whyte even paid money in exchange for an 85% stake, although there were indications that he might have been forced into doing it.

In response, the BBC has announced that it has withdrawn “all co-operation” with Rangers after constant broadcasting of its football and off-pitch activities resulted in a “pre-determined negative attitude” which violated its own code of conduct.

Mr Whyte denied all the claims “in the strongest possible terms”.

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