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Warren Gatland Living Proof that Honesty is not Best Policy

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Following the International Rugby Board’s announcement that it will review Wales coach Warren Gatland’s comments about the semi-final with France, sports clubs everywhere are reminding their managers never to be honest unless their lives absolutely depend upon it.

Gatland admitted he considered asking a player to fake an injury so that there would have to be uncontested scrums – something which would have favoured 14-man Wales. However, the IRB has said it is “privately stunned’ that a manager would have the guts to actually say such a thing out loud.

An IRB statement read, “We are shocked that a prominent manager would have the honesty to say what everyone knew he must have been thinking.

“Since ‘Bloodgate’, there can’t have been a single coach who, whilst watching his team lose on the pitch, hasn’t been tempted to ask a prop or fly-half to nibble a blood capsule or two.

“But to have the honesty to admit to such thoughts is completely against the spirit of the modern game.

“Do you ever hear the great football managers of the age, like Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, speaking the truth in front of the camera?


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