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Sepp Blatter to demand release of documents which implicate more rivals

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sepp Blatter is preparing to perform a highly unremarkable legal Cruyff turn by calling for the release of court documents which could jeopardise the careers of senior officials at FIFA, but not his own.


“I feel the public have a right to know about any corruption at FIFA which doesn’t involve me,” Blatter stated.


“This controversy has been going on longer than one of Patrice Evra’s squabbles, and that’s more than long enough for anyone to tolerate.”


Blatter also explained how important it was that the public should have access to any documentation which may implicate future presidential candidates.


He continued, “It is imperative for the future transparency and integrity of FIFA that anything suggesting bribes may have been received by non-European executives is brought forward.


“We are concerned about allegations that Ricardo Teixeira has taken as much as £6 million for doing virtually nothing.


“He’s like Fabio Capello in that respect.


“It seems as though at least one executive’s position is untenable, so we will have to start seeking a suitably immoral substitute.


“I believe both Liam Fox and Adam Werritty are available as free agents?”


The truth is out there…

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