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Worldwide Protests At ITV Sports Coverage (via thedailybear.co.uk)

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Protestors have taken to the streets in major cities across the globe to vent their anger at the overpaid ITV executives who continue to produce such appalling sporting coverage.

Sports fans have the perennial struggle of watching what they can of events such as the Champion’s League and rugby World Cup, and the frustration at the disintegrating global situation of ITV’s broadcasting has forced many to voice their protests.

New Yorker Kerry Jones told us, “I switched on my laptop to watch the stream of the rugby semi-finals online but the channel kept getting interrupted every two minutes.

“I then had to sit through the same adverts every time before getting the pictures back, by which time all the interesting things had already happened.

“When I finally gave up and turned on the TV, to my horror I found myself subjected to a studio discussion led by Steve Rider.

“This is unacceptable and everyone out here today is communicating to the world that we’ve had enough of ITV.”

Eduardo Paioletti in Rome added, “Sometimes, unfortunately, I need to watch ITV to see European matches like Manchester City vs Napoli.

“But I find myself faced by Adrian Chiles.

“Words can’t express the fury in my soul.”


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